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Are You Ready?

We know how difficult it can be to start your own skincare line.  The research, the process, the trial and error, the wasted money!  Well, don't fret.  We've done ALL the heavy lifting for you and made starting your own skincare line as easy as 1-2-3.

Currently, we are offering the following products:

  1. Hibiscus Rose Facial Toner

  2. Lavender Facial Toner

  3. Cucumber Mint Toner

  4. Sea Moss Facial Scrub

  5. Sea Moss Mask

  6. Beard Oil

  7. Glowing Facial Scrub

  8. Yoni Scrub

All products are sold by the gallon.  We also offer, for an additional fee, individually packed products as well.

We also recommend ordering a sample size of the products before purchasing bulk products.  We offer a sample kit with all 8 items for $75.

The kit contains the following:

  1. Hibiscus Rose Facial Toner 1oz

  2. Lavender Facial Toner 1oz

  3. Cucumber Mint Facial Toner 1oz

  4. Sea Moss Facial Scrub 1oz

  5. Sea Moss Mask 1oz

  6. Beard Oil 0.5oz

  7. Glowing Facial Scrub 1oz

  8. Yoni Scrub 1oz

If you are ready to order your bulk items wholesale, please email us

here and someone will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

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